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Protect sensitive data with more ease

How can Safetica DLP help you?

Easy to Use 

and Understand

Learn how important files can leak out of your company and prevent those leaks.


Safetica is simple for everyone to understand and easily shows you how secure your files are. You can perform an internal security audit by yourself or uncover how costly software licenses are being utilized, all without expensive training or certification.

Immediate Data

Protection in 3 Clicks

Protect your important corporate files without limiting company operation.


Faster than ever, you can learn where files leaks happen and what the greatest risks to your company are. Deploying Safetica DLP provides you with an immediate overview of all threats to your sensitive data. Set up basic security rules in few minutes.

Security across Platforms

Security across Platforms

See an overview of your devices in a single place.


Manage and secure all company devices in a single place. Safetica DLP even protects mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. This means that you can work with sensitive files on a mobile phone without having to worry about device loss and subsequent data leak.

See an overview of your computers, notebooks and mobile phones in a single place.


What Features Safetica Have It?

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