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About ProxyNow!

ProxyNow! is an Internet access proxy server which will allow multiple users on the network to connect to the Internet simultaneously using a single dial-up line. e.g. you may have a network of 20 computers but only one computer can access the Internet because a modem is attached to that computer and you have only one ISP account. The remainder 19 users cannot access the Internet or share that modem line. By installing ProxyNow!, all 20 users on the network will be able to share that modem and ISP account to access the internet. They can all surf and access the internet together at the same time as though you have a leased line connection? Leased lines can be expensive but now with ProxyNow!, your single dial-up line can act as one.


With ProxyNow! Advance Features, you can limit the time that users can surf, block the sites by content or domain, log of all the sites visited during the day, monitor on-line current activities of the internet!