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About MailNow!

MailNow! 5 is a locally developed Email solution. With a host of innovative new features, MailNow! 5 delivers low maintenance, high performance and usability experience for businesses and hosting companies. All new Webmail that leverages on the latest AJAX technology that won’t make you miss your desktop clients. Support drag/drop and right click menus. Multiple themes for discerning users.

Communication forms the basis of mutual business agreements between parties in the corporate world. Nowadays communications have grown to be more sophisticated and modernised. Today, business communications in the forms of emails remain the solid foundation for corporates that have an expansive vision for their growth. Therefore, every email must be safeguard. Every transaction must be accounted for. However, far too often no system can clearly explain why emails are sometimes delayed or even missing, nor can it provide useful solutions for emailing needs. The MailNow! 5 seeks to strengthen the foundation by being accountable for each email transaction. It provides sectional reports and offers practical features based on real life email situations. After all, MailNow! is built by email researchers and analysts since 1998.