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About CloudBackupNow!

Moving your backup data to the cloud is the wisest choice you can make for your data.

CloudBackupNow! Uses Google storage to ensure your data are auto replicated and have no single point of failure. That is after all the primary objective of any backup and disaster recovery plan.
CloudBackupNow! Employs AES/Certificate for encryption before data is uploaded, ensuring that your backups are fully encrypted and secure. There are no web-access nor public password guessing exposure for hackers or disgruntle x-staff to toy with.
CloudBackupNow! brings secure cloud storage right to your corporate doorstep with all the advantages of Google replication, fast access across the whole world (not just Malaysia) and local support available for onsite /phone/emails
Cloud Backup

Why choose us?

Moving your backup data to the cloud is the wisest choice you can make for your data.

Online Backup

Worry less of having data lost on corrupted hard disk, faulty tape and etc. With CloudBackupNow!, you can easily backup, archive, retrieve and restore files at anytime from anywhere on the Internet.

Secure with encrypted file system

CloudBackupNow! comes with backend Certificate management system by InternetNow!. The old concern about putting your data on the cloud is no longer valid with certificates provided to encrypt all your data. Best of all, these certs are available to you as many as you want. Create 10 or 1000 certs and they will all be accessible for your tracking and even if you lose your certs, you can find them at the online management system.

Monitoring and Reporting

Client software has full backup history and details of the backup sets. InternetNow provides full storage usage information for your audit and monitoring. You can backup your entire organization data using ONE single account and yet have a report of individual users and servers backup storage details.

Maximized your bandwidth usage

Make good use of the available Internet bandwidth for backing up data during off working hours. Take UniFi as an example, you had spent money on it monthly and now with the high speed bandwidth which TM provided, you can fully utilized the 15 hours (8 normal working hours company) for backing up your data to the cloud.

Premium support level

We provide unlimited supports by email and phone call locally Malaysia. With a CloudBackupNow account, you get to access to our support team whenever you need them.